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31 January - 5 February 2016
Kochi, India

Course languages: English and Malayalam

Business principles for a solid foundation 

It is possible to have a high-quality, well-designed, expertly-edited magazine with good writers—and still to fail! A knowledge of good business principles will not guarantee success. But, failure to apply good business principles almost always guarantees failure—or at least, a day-to-day struggle for survival.

The Managing the Magazine course teaches publishers how to assess the present status of their magazines, identify problem areas, and apply principles to solve the problems. Those who wish to start a magazine will learn how to lay the foundation for a successful magazine startup.

Your experience at the conference is much more than classroom learning. You’ll come to know other Christians in publishing from across India and beyond. You’ll pray together, brainstorm solutions, enjoy fellowship, and be encouraged and strengthened in your commitment to God and to Christian publishing. You’ll return home refreshed with a better understanding of your magazine and the management principles needed to make it successful.

How to be a leader in Christian publishing
Learn the characteristics and responsibility of a leader in publishing and find out how Christians can approach publishing responsibilities as leaders.
The seven phases of a publication's life cycle
How to recognize and prepare for the next phase in your magazine's life cycle.

The business strategy
How to develop a specific, focused mission statement.
How to start a magazine
A thorough investigation of all the areas that must be considered.
Digital magazine publishing—the new frontier in publishing
Explore various digital options available, from relatively easy and cheap to complex.
How to build circulation
An examination of cost-effective methods of increasing the circulation of a magazine.
Magazine advertising
How to get and keep advertisers; how much to charge; how to help advertisers use your magazine effectively.
Understanding production fundamentals
How the size, frequency, and design of a magazine affect costs and perceived value. How to get the best possible price for printing.
The budget
How to make a budget and use it as a powerful tool for planning and control.

Crafting the editorial product
How to provide the editor with a clear vision of the editorial concept and make important decisions in order to guide the editor in maintaining the vision.
Subscription fulfillment
How to handle magazine orders efficiently. This includes discussion of subscription fulfillment systems and the elements of a good system.
How to use research to strengthen and focus marketing and editorial efforts.
Expand your ministry and generate income with publication-related products
Hear principles for developing ancillary products, how to to produce and sell them, and considerations for reusing published materials.
Raise funding from foundations and businesses
Learn how to develop a fundraising appeal and how to identify your best prospects. Discover that foundations expect from prospects.

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