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  Editing the Magazine
A Handbook for Magazine Editors
By: Susan Maycinik Nikaido
Pages: 125-130
Format: Print version of the manual is comb bound with a soft cover. Electronic version is on CD in PDF format.
Size: 8.5 x 11 inches (21.6  x 27.9 cm)
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This wide-ranging informative manual on magazine editing includes sample production and article planning charts, sample article assignment letters, and other forms which may be adapted for use. Several articles are also included in a comprehensive appendix of resource materials and information.
This manual is written by Susan Maycinik Nikaido, former senior editor, Discipleship Journal, and is published by Magazine Training International.
The roles of the Christian editor 
What is the difference between a Christian editor and any other editor? Learn about the functions, responsibilities, and skills of the editor.
Developing a magazine profile
Is your magazine properly targeted to reach your desired audience and accomplish your purpose? Learn how to identify your target audience and craft and use a mission statement and editorial plan.
Principles of editorial planning
Careful planning can make your magazine more successful. Learn how to lead planning meetings and teach your staff the rules of successful “brainstorming.” Discover where to find ideas and how to develop them.
Editing the manuscript
Explore the responsibility of the editor to the magazine and the author. Learn the four steps of editing and how a style sheet can bring consistency to your magazine.
Scheduling and production
Does your magazine get to its readers when it is supposed to? Are the last few weeks before going to the printer hectic or calm? Learn how to develop and use a production grid to ensure that the magazine is completed on time—with a minimum of stress.
Working with writers
Discover how to find, train, and keep writers. Your writers will produce the articles you want when you learn how to make more useful article assignments, write effective assignment letters, and develop writing guidelines.
Selecting and shaping manuscripts
It’s a great article. But is it right for your magazine? Here are principles you can use to decide if an article is right for your magazine. You’ll learn how to develop a procedure for article selection and deal with articles that need to be rewritten. And, you’ll discover tips for writing rejection letters.
Presenting the material
How can you present this great material for maximum readership? You’ll see how effective titles, callouts, and sidebars draw the reader into the text. Learn how to work with your designer to make your magazine attractive to readers.
Writing compelling leads and conclusions
It’s a good article, but does that key first paragraph grab and hold the reader? What about the conclusion? Does it just peter out, or does it memorably reinforce the key message of the article? Here are tips for writing leads that draw readers into the article and conclusions that leave a strong impression.
How to conduct reader research
You think you know your readers, but do you really? You may be surprised at the results when you conduct reader research. You’ll hear a discussion of the types of research you may use and how to get the most from your research.
Manuscript solutions
The manuscript is pretty good, but there are some problems. You may be relieved to learn there are principles you can use to identify and solve the common problems you’ll encounter in manuscripts.
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