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The Writing Effective Magazine Articles course gives Christian magazine editors and staff members the tools they need to train quality writers for their magazines, whether training is done one-on-one or in groups. Ultimately, the goal is to increase the number of people who are able to write effective and compelling articles, so that Christ may be glorified and his kingdom advanced through Christian magazine publishing.
The conference is centered around an actual writing course which participants may later adapt for use in their own writer training. The final session suggests formats in which the material can be used. During the course, participants write an article which is read to a small group of other participants.

Participants diligently work on a writing assignment at a

course in Poland.
Training manual
Each participant receives a 60-85 page manual outlining the course. The manual titled Writing Effective Magazine Articles, includes teaching suggestions, exercises, and other resources which may be used as a basis for teaching workshops and working individually with writers.
The audio set
The eight-hour Writing Effective Magazine Articles audio course is available as an MP3-CD with a PDF of the manual included on the CD. The audio set is available only in English. The manual is available in English, Russian, Polish, French, and Romanian.
What is a Christian writer?
A writer is a writer, but a Christian writer who wants to be effective must nurture distinctive qualities. Learn what those key qualities are.
Principles of communication
Learn how communication works. Identify common barriers to communication and learn how to overcome them.
How to find and refine great article ideas
Where do you find those great article ideas? If you think you may be in a rut, you’ll appreciate this session on finding and identifying good ideas and sifting out the best ones.
How to gather information and do research
Great articles are based on great research. Learn how to effectively research your article topics in order to produce solid articles with real depth. Identify the research pitfalls and learn how to avoid them.
How to conduct interviews
Good interviews yield good articles. You’ll gain tips for conducting interviews which will give you the kind of information you need to write interesting and insightful articles.
How to organize your article
You’ve got good information. How do you put it all together in a logical sequence? Learn how to organize your article and use transition in order to lead your reader through your article to its logical conclusion.
Keys to powerful writing
Your topic is important. Why are your readers dozing off? Just because it’s a serious subject doesn’t mean your writing has to be dull and boring. Pick up dozens of tips to help make your writing fresher, more interesting, and alive.
How to write compelling leads and memorable conclusions
The lead and the conclusion are the most important paragraphs in your article. Have you gotten into a rut, writing the same kind of leads in article after article? Refresh your writing with ideas for writing more than a dozen types of leads that draw readers into the article. Your conclusions can be powerful. Learn how to write conclusions that reinforce the impact of your article and leave a strong impression on the reader.
Handling Christian topics
There are unique challenges associated with writing on Christian topics . Learn how to recognize those challenges, avoid pitfalls, and make your case compellingly and graciously.
Editing your own writing
We’re often blind to our own editing faux pas. However, there are principles you can apply to help you identify editing problems in order to make your writing even better.
Understanding and writing the common types of articles
Learn how to write eight different types of articles including: Essay/opinion articles; personality profiles; feature articles; personal experience/testimonies; how-to articles; Scripture teaching articles; news feature/news analysis articles; news stories.
Past courses
MTI has offered this and other writing courses in Croatia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Belarus, Russia, Poland, Romania, Albania, Philippines and Austria.