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Trainer Kent Wilson, then publisher of NavPress, explains how to develop a business plan at a Business of Magazine Publishing course in Russia.
It is possible to have a high-quality, well-designed, expertly-edited magazine with good writers—and still to fail! A knowledge of good business principles will not guarantee success. But, failure to apply good business principles almost always guarantees failure—or at least, a day-to-day struggle for survival.

The Business of Magazine Publishing course teaches publishers how to assess the present status of their magazines, identify problem areas, and apply principles to solve the problems. Those who wish to start a magazine will learn how to lay the foundation for a successful magazine startup.

Training manual
Each participant receives an 85-page manual outlining the course and including valuable samples, charts, and other resources. The manual titled The Business of Magazine Publishingincludes teaching suggestions, exercises, and other resources which may be used as a basis for training staff members and consulting with other publishers. The manual is available in English, Russian, Romanian, Bulgarian, and Korean.
The business strategy
How to develop a specific, focused mission statement.
The business plan
How to develop a business plan for the magazine with consideration of all the elements that impact business strategy.
How to start a magazine
A thorough investigation of all the areas that must be considered.
How to build circulation
An examination of cost-effective methods of increasing the circulation of a magazine.
Magazine advertising
How to get and keep advertisers; how much to charge; how to help advertisers use your magazine effectively.
Understanding production fundamentals
How the size, frequency, and design of a magazine affect costs and perceived value. How to get the best possible price for printing.
The budget
How to make a budget and use it as a powerful tool for planning and control.
Subscription fulfillment
How to handle magazine orders efficiently. This includes discussion of subscription fulfillment systems and the elements of a good system.
How to use research to strengthen and focus marketing and editorial efforts.
Ministry-related tools
Developing ministry-related tools in order to expand the magazine's outreach and strengthen its financial viability.  
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Past courses
MTI has offered this and other business courses in Hungary, Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Romania, Hong Kong, Bulgaria,  Korea, and the United States.
Attend the business course on your own time in your choice of setting!
The business course is available as an 14-hour, seven-disc DVD set. The live course was filmed in Los Angeles.
View trainers PowerPoint presentations and hear questions and answers from live audience.
Only $89.99 - a fraction of the cost if you were to register and travel to a live event. Plus you can easily refer back to sessions you find particularly helpful.

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